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MFA DT Interaction Futures : Parsons at Numa = <3

Published on the 17/06/2014

5 days, 14 MFA Design & Technology students, 2 professors, 1 mentor from Audi, and 1 Parisian co-working space (NUMA). During a weeklong workshop, graduate student teams developed speculative concepts around notions of the Metaverse, a term describing what the Internet and its related cultures and technologies will evolve into over the next 10-15 years. Visiting Art, Media and Technology...

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Lean Startup Experience Workshop: Get Out of the Building

22/09/2014 17:00 - 23/09/2014 22:00


If you are starting a company, this is the workshop for you. Learn the fundamental techniques to validate your business ideas on the field with actual experiments, prove demand before wasting money...


What is NUMA?

The name «NUMA» refers to two key things, firstly to all things digital (numérique in French) which is at the heart of the economic and cultural revolution that we are currently experiencing, and secondly to human, the fundamental driver for this metamorphosis.

Right in the heart of the Sentier quarter of Paris’ 2nd arrondissement, this 16 000-square-foot space is set to be the hub for Parisian digital synergies, the basis of our unbeatable competitive edge.

We’ve been working with, and for, entrepreneurs for over a decade now. Back in 2008, we founded La Cantine, the first coworking space in France, and then in 2011 there was Le Camping, the first and the premier startup accelerator in France and one of the first in Europe, not to mention the world.

These projects are the result of a strong partnership between entrepreneurs, big businesses such as Orange, Google, BNP Paribas or Steelcase and our local communities: the City of Paris and the greater Parisian region of Île de France.

It is as a team that we are opening NUMA and reiterate our ambition to continue our position as standard bearers for French innovation.

What is on offer at Numa?

Located at 39 rue du Caire, the space has been designed as a vital hub for industry players, fostering diversity, collaboration and openness, in order to help companies boost their performance and growth.

Numa is open 6 days a week, from 9 p.m. till 10 p.m.

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First Steps in Numa

Connect / Ground Floor

Anyone who has created a project needs to come meet their ecosystem.

By stepping through Numa’s doors, the creator connects. The space is open, warm and lively. The bar is central and broad, it is possible to work and have lunch at the same time. Beyond the bar, the coworking space stretches out to the far wall – you can set yourself up freely, the wi-fi connection is open to all and there are often events being organized there.

The goal : The goal: innovation without borders, to provide ideal conditions for collaboration with an environment fostering creation.


Connecting & acting for innovation

Numa is a project conceived by Silicon Sentier, an organization made up of several innovative companies who embody the Parisian digital identity.

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Many thanks to the 606 contributors from the crowd-funding campaign Co.bâtissons (“Let’s get co.building”) who have enabled NUMA to come to life.
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